Welcome to IMAC

In 2010 Cambel Ball established Informative Marketing of Agricultural Commodities (IMAC) after twelve years of trading cotton internationally.

IMAC offered Cambel the opportunity to build on his cotton trading and marketing experience and partner Australian cotton growers on his return to Australia.

One of the driving forces behind IMAC was the need to be unique in Australia and provide clients with first hand market intelligence, experienced opinions and an unbiased forward market view.

IMAC’s market analysis focuses on cotton fundamentals, structural and technical analysis of the futures market, macroeconomic analysis, global weather forecasts, positioning of global stocks, competing crop price outlooks and global consumption trends.

IMAC’s growth was based on the initial support of five loyal cotton growers and our client base now extends from Emerald in central Queensland to Whitton in southern NSW. As a group, IMAC today is one of the largest “grower” suppliers of Australian bales into the export market.

IMAC also owns and leases farms in Australia. This is important as IMAC has the same production risk and market exposure as our clients as well as an invested interest in agriculture